Zucchini & Meatballs w/ Spaghetti + DIY Gift Bows

I’m getting worse at this blogging thing, I fear.  I spend less and less time on this, as I have more time for family, friends in the Des Moines area, and house projects like its my job.  Let’s take a quick peek at what has been going on around here this week.   Cooking andContinue reading “Zucchini & Meatballs w/ Spaghetti + DIY Gift Bows”

Israeli Couscous & Creamy Mushroom Bake

I love to modify old favorites to make a familiar meal feel new and refreshed.  That’s exactly where this next recipe’s origins are – a childhood recipe that has already been featured on here once before in the form of Curried Oat Cakes.  I swapped out a few items and added in some others forContinue reading “Israeli Couscous & Creamy Mushroom Bake”

Pinto & Corn Quesadilla Bake

This is a perfect weeknight meal and you can easily substitute the beans and corn for other pantry staples.  It was a crowd-pleaser, it is filling, quick & simple, and can be made for meat-lovers, vegetarians, vegans, and foodies alike.  Start with salsa or enchilada sauce of your choice – I used salsa verde.  LayerContinue reading “Pinto & Corn Quesadilla Bake”

Taco (sans shell) Pasta

Forgive me, this is a mostly cell phone camera post.  I promise, the food is tastier than the images let on.  This was an experiment, plus Eric had the nice camera at school on Monday and Tuesday while I was home with sick Greta.  He was helping me out with snapping a few yearbook photosContinue reading “Taco (sans shell) Pasta”

Cauliflower & Navy Bean Pasta

This easy and filling pasta takes no time at all.  It is vegetarian and can be vegan with the absence of that sprinkling of Parmesan cheese on top.   To make this recipe, you need cauliflower, diced tomatoes, navy beans, garlic, fresh herbs, and pasta.  That’s all! The fresh herbs came from my garden –Continue reading “Cauliflower & Navy Bean Pasta”

Spicy Tuna w/ Pita

Ok, this is a ‘Take it Easy Tonight, Mommy’ dinner.  Those are my favorite meals.  It is also a, ‘What do I have in the pantry, fridge and freezer meal?’  I took plain old tuna and dressed it up with some spices and citrus, added some shredded carrot, and put it in a pita pocketContinue reading “Spicy Tuna w/ Pita”

Orange Beef(or less) Stir-fry

This meal is so bright, so delicious, so easy, so filling, and so not a meat dish.  I used the Gardein Beefless tips for this normally beefy stir fry.  However, this will be my last meat substitute for a while here.  I have been doing much reading on the vegan meat substitute industry and IContinue reading “Orange Beef(or less) Stir-fry”

Creamy Lemon Dill Pasta & Shrimp

I whipped this meal up in a total of a whopping 20 minutes this evening.  We made a quick run to the grocery store to stock up for the week and then of course needed something quick like and in a hurry to fill the hungry bellies.    The flavor for this dish comes fromContinue reading “Creamy Lemon Dill Pasta & Shrimp”

Baked Egg, Broccoli & Marinara

This is the perfect fill the belly and warm the house meal for a winter week night.  It is tasty, has vegetables, and cheap protein.  Perfect for families!  This is one of those meals I always wish was on restaurant menus, but I am sure it would come out of the deep freeze and onlyContinue reading “Baked Egg, Broccoli & Marinara”

Chick Pea Potato Soup

I made this soup on Friday to bring to a work gathering – I love it because it is simple, hearty, and easy to make.  I ended up adding quite a bit of curry to the leftovers, after the party.  This recipe makes a very large batch, so if you want less, cut this recipeContinue reading “Chick Pea Potato Soup”