Spicy Tuna w/ Pita

Ok, this is a ‘Take it Easy Tonight, Mommy’ dinner.  Those are my favorite meals.  It is also a, ‘What do I have in the pantry, fridge and freezer meal?’  I took plain old tuna and dressed it up with some spices and citrus, added some shredded carrot, and put it in a pita pocketContinue reading “Spicy Tuna w/ Pita”

Autumn in NC, Spinach Quiche, and a New Spider Friend

Fall is most certainly upon us.   This past weekend we were at the Science Center and the Carolina Cup for its 40th annual bicycle race.  The weather has been beautiful – high 70s during the day and into the mid to low 50s at night.  I could not ask for more beautiful days.  TheseContinue reading “Autumn in NC, Spinach Quiche, and a New Spider Friend”