Christmas 2015

This year for our Christmas Day meal, I decided to make a blueberry pie.  It’s good to shake things up a bit, especially on holidays, I think.  Some of my family would disagree and say this is a terrible idea – why mess with a a good thing, especially on holidays?!  It is due toContinue reading “Christmas 2015”

Holla, Challah!

I believe that most human beings have something they love to labor over – something that is time consuming and yet fills us with joy to produce.  How else could frescos, croissants, quilts, and War and Peace exist?   My labor of love is yeast bread.  To be fair, I don’t really think that yeastContinue reading “Holla, Challah!”

DIY Stamped Towels

One recent sunny Saturday morning before Christmas, Greta helped me make these stamped towels.  With minimal prep and basic supply list, they are an easy morning or afternoon project for all ages. Supply List:– white cotton dish towels (pre-washed and dried)– fabric paint or acrylic paint thinned with water– plastic tray or plate for palette–Continue reading “DIY Stamped Towels”

Thank You List PDF download

Every year at Christmas, I write down the gifts I receive in hopes of staying organized when it is time to write thank you cards.  I inevitably lose my list at least a couple times.  This year, I am trying a new approach with a list printed on nice card stock.  I plan on makingContinue reading “Thank You List PDF download”

DIY Origami Paper Garland

A friend of mine gave me a package of lovely origami paper this summer and it’s taken me this long to do something with it.  We finally managed to get Christmas out of the boxes and up around the house this week.  Now that we are in a new house, I have to reconfigure allContinue reading “DIY Origami Paper Garland”

Easy DIY Holiday Card Display

For years I have been using this ribbon to display my holiday cards – I always keep it in the dining room of our home so that the cards can be enjoyed throughout the season.  It is fun to watch the photos and images of the holidays fill up the ribbon.  This is the yearContinue reading “Easy DIY Holiday Card Display”

Beer Tasting + DIY Flight Paddle

One of the other fun projects Eric created with his band saw was a flight paddle.  We ordered two sets of glasses to use in the flight paddle.  This glassware is the Duralex – Picardie Clear Tumbler 130 ml (4 5/8 oz) Set Of 6. NOTE: In response to the great interest in this post,Continue reading “Beer Tasting + DIY Flight Paddle”

Gluten-free Black Forest Cake + Christmas Day

This chocolate cake was wildly delicious and one would never guess it was gluten-free!  My mother in law has a plethora of gluten-free baking and food items around the house due to gluten intolerance.  This particular cake was made from the Williams-Sonoma Ad Hoc Gluten Free Cake Mix.  This mix is more expensive than others,Continue reading “Gluten-free Black Forest Cake + Christmas Day”

Lefse + Christmas Eve Celebration

Christmas means lefse time in our household! Christmas has always been celebrated on my side of the family on Christmas Eve.  Originally, it was just the four of us – my parents, sister, and me.  We would make Christmas dinner, go to the candlelight church service, and then come home to bundle up and ice skateContinue reading “Lefse + Christmas Eve Celebration”