Old Take on Banana Bread

Yup, that is delicious banana bread on a scratched up plate. Told ya long ago I don’t stage my food items. ūüėā¬† Although, soon those charming 50s countertops won’t be featured in this blog anymore – more on that later! This recipe has been the most delicious normal-recipe I’ve experimented with – it’s classic bananaContinue reading “Old Take on Banana Bread”

Sweet Cream Cake

I made a lovely, dense, rich cake last weekend from one of my grandma’s cookbooks – there is just something so wonderful about old cookbooks. ¬†The way recipes are described and explained – it so much less detailed and matter-of-fact than any of the modern cookbooks I own. ¬†There was a certain level of assumptionContinue reading “Sweet Cream Cake”

Roasted Beet & Carrot Tart

I love love love love fall. ¬†This fall has been supremely more busy than most of the previous autumnal seasons combined, for our family. ¬†But, so it goes. ¬†I got my recent Martha Stewart in the mail last week and was itching to do some baking – it has been far far too long sinceContinue reading “Roasted Beet & Carrot Tart”

Pie Crust 101

A good pie is a flaky crust filled with delectable filling and a side of ice cream. ¬†Once on masters the crust, and figures out correct volume for your particular pie pans, you are free to experiment and create new combinations of pies. But I truly believe, a good pie is all about the crust.Continue reading “Pie Crust 101”

Rhubarb Raspberry Crisp

One of the things I missed most about the Midwest was its unique plants – moving to North Carolina made me realize that I couldn’t smell lilacs every spring, watch the corn grow into tall tasseled plants, and wouldn’t be enjoying freshly cut rhubarb desserts.  Of course, moving back to the Midwest has made meContinue reading “Rhubarb Raspberry Crisp”

Vegan Blondie Bars

I love a solid baking or cooking challenge – veganizing and freeing of gluten are two that I do frequently. ¬†With food allergies and diet preferences abundant in my circles, I have come to embrace this style of preparing food. I made these during the month of crazy-busy April. ¬†I wrapped up a grad class,Continue reading “Vegan Blondie Bars”

Easter Brunch 2016

Easter was a little while ago, I know. ¬†However, I have been busy taking two classes, testing the waters for big and exciting changes coming soon. ¬†I actually started this post just after Easter and it has been sitting as a draft since then. ¬†I have quite a few artwork drafts sitting around right nowContinue reading “Easter Brunch 2016”

Christmas 2015

This year for our Christmas Day meal, I decided to make a blueberry pie. ¬†It’s good to shake things up a bit, especially on holidays, I think. ¬†Some of my family would disagree and say this is a terrible idea – why mess with a a good thing, especially on holidays?! ¬†It is due toContinue reading “Christmas 2015”

A Man’s Favorite {Applesauce Cake}

I made a cake from my Gramma’s recipe box this week – A Man’s Favorite (Applesauce Cake). ¬†It was a perfect cake for a weeknight fall meal – simple flavors, ingredients I had on hand, fast to mix up, and made a smaller-than-most sized cake. ¬†My gramma got this recipe from a friend of hersContinue reading “A Man’s Favorite {Applesauce Cake}”