Beer Tasting + DIY Flight Paddle

One of the other fun projects Eric created with his band saw was a flight paddle.  We ordered two sets of glasses to use in the flight paddle.  This glassware is the Duralex – Picardie Clear Tumbler 130 ml (4 5/8 oz) Set Of 6.
NOTE: In response to the great interest in this post, I have updated with a more detailed version.  See post on DIY Beer Flight Paddle How-To here.


 This set happens to be from CB2.


If you aren’t the crafty type, you can always purchase very nice looking beer taster flights.

Eric used 2 pieces of poplar wood, stacked for the paddle.


Then, he used a 2-1/4″ hole saw to make the spaces for the cups.


It turned out beautifully, don’t you think?
Eric gave his dad the beer flight paddle for Christmas, so of course they had to give it a test drive.
Eric used a Crispin cider, Bell’s Best Brown Ale (Kalamazoo, MI), Natty Greene’s Old Town Brown (Greensboro, NC), Madhouse’s Hopburst IPA (Newton, IA), and Foothills Hoppyum IPA (Winston-Salem, NC).
An eclectic mix for the first tasting on this flight paddle.
Later on, we braved the snow to meet with some Iowa friends and share samplings of NC beer.
Stories were told,
laughs shared,


and NC brews sampled.
More on New Year’s and the drive back to NC soon.  I am catching up on this blog a little at a time.


Also, if you have had any of these beers, let me know what you think in the comment section below.  I’d love to hear your opinions.  I’d also love to hear suggestions and your favorite beer.

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