Salmon Cakes w/ Lemon Yogurt Sauce

This right here is one of my favorite types of meals – roasted vegetables and fish, specifically salmon.  I always start to crave this kind of meal when things start to turn towards autumn – even when I just think it is starting to turn.  However, it’s still hovering in the 90s around here thisContinue reading “Salmon Cakes w/ Lemon Yogurt Sauce”

North Carolina Transportation Museum + Spicy Roasted Vegetables

The past week has kept our family moving, moving, moving.  We were out of the house for a while on Saturday due to an open house.  We decided to head over to the Guilford Courthouse National Military Park for a walk on Saturday.  The weather was unbelievable – sunny and 73 degrees! Greta enjoyed ridingContinue reading “North Carolina Transportation Museum + Spicy Roasted Vegetables”

Fall Roasted Vegetables

The perfect autumn dinner – roasted vegetables, Tofurky Kielbasa, and Oktoberfest beer.  Peel your assorted vegetables.  I used 4 small red potatoes, 1 medium sweet potato, 1 green bell pepper, and 1 Granny Smith apple.  An apple adds a little sweet to your savory.  Season with olive oil, freshly ground pepper and salt, and freshContinue reading “Fall Roasted Vegetables”