North Carolina Transportation Museum + Spicy Roasted Vegetables

The past week has kept our family moving, moving, moving.  We were out of the house for a while on Saturday due to an open house.  We decided to head over to the Guilford Courthouse National Military Park for a walk on Saturday.  The weather was unbelievable – sunny and 73 degrees! Greta enjoyed ridingContinue reading “North Carolina Transportation Museum + Spicy Roasted Vegetables”

Sweet Potato Wedges

Ok, I know that I once said it was too easy not to buy the frozen sweet potato fries.  Well, I was wrong.  I have found that I am too cheap to keep buying those frozen delights, but since they do make any meal fantastic, and toddlers love anything that resembles a fry, I foundContinue reading “Sweet Potato Wedges”

Pinto & Broccoli Hot Pizza

This recipe came about due to and outing during our first open house.  It is the perfect blend of veggies, hearty wheat crust topped with bean spread, savory onions and garlic, and zing of chipotle peppers.   We headed to Sticks and Stones Clay Oven Pizza this weekend after a walk with the dog toContinue reading “Pinto & Broccoli Hot Pizza”