Recycled Paper Making: The Basics

My seventh grade art classes recently made recycled paper in class.  This is a great project that allows students to make some interesting choices, learn how to reuse simple items, and let out some energy at the same time.  Read on for a fun project that takes only a few supplies and provides loads ofContinue reading “Recycled Paper Making: The Basics”

DIY Glitter Wand

I had a glitter wand when I was a kid and I remembering playing with it all the time.  It was tubular and filled with pink, purple and glow-in-the-dark glitter.  I fondly remember holding it up to my eyes to make the room appear pink.  I used to flip it end over end to watchContinue reading “DIY Glitter Wand”

Rainy Day Play: Shadows

Yesterday evening the sky darkened with thunderheads.  And then… it poured!   Hopefully the rain the will stave off what looks to be a really early fall.  Greta found this leaf outside yesterday, and from this you’d think it were already October! The forecast is showing rain off and on the rest of the weekContinue reading “Rainy Day Play: Shadows”