Melted Crayon Art

Untitled, mixed media on mat board, 2012.  This is a lesson that came about from Pinterest.  I needed a short filler lesson for between major units and this one was a smashing success.  Sometimes I think I come across as a staunch neat freak to these kids because they were so excited that I wasContinue reading “Melted Crayon Art”

Rainy Day Play: Finger Painting

I have been wanting to finger paint with Greta for quite some time.  Actually, since the first moment I knew Greta was in existence, I have day dreamed about making art with her.  Forget names, I wanted to know what kind of art my future child would be interested in.   So I had thisContinue reading “Rainy Day Play: Finger Painting”

Rainy Day Play: Shadows

Yesterday evening the sky darkened with thunderheads.  And then… it poured!   Hopefully the rain the will stave off what looks to be a really early fall.  Greta found this leaf outside yesterday, and from this you’d think it were already October! The forecast is showing rain off and on the rest of the weekContinue reading “Rainy Day Play: Shadows”