Sewn Paper Cards

These are a few more of the sewn paper cards I have been working on lately.  I have so many projects, they are coming out of my ears – I can’t get them on paper fast enough.  The infrequent art project posts on here are only because I have too many going at once to get them finished enough to document for the blog.  Not to mention a all the other distractions in life: work, daycare prep, making meals, keeping a house clean and organized for showings, packing, and the move.

The move to Iowa has been in the back corners of my mind for months now.  We leave NC for Iowa in two months – surreal – I won’t deny that I am nervous and scared out of my mind.  Changes are, and always have been, difficult for me – I am still to this day amazed that I chose to pick up and move myself to a state I had never been to, a job I didn’t know if I would love, to place where I knew no one.  Now, after years of saying how much I want to be back in Iowa, I am realizing how much I will miss Greensboro and the state of North Carolina.  I have grown to love this place and we made it our home.

Despite my fears of the unknown, I am getting more excited though as we look at places to live in Iowa, discuss Greta’s birthday in Iowa, the new job possibilities for Eric, applying for teaching positions all over the Des Moines area, and the old friends we will get to spend more time with.  It also helps that we have two excellent people who have committed their time to helping us get back to Iowa and know that with their help I can stay upbeat.

To help me focus on the positives of this move, I made a book for Eric and me to use on nights out.  Each page has a different restaurant from the Des Moines area – in an effort to get us to try new places and maybe just maybe find my new Sticks & Stones and become a regular.  I have a few good leads on a place to call ours.

I saw this idea from Sara of the Spotted Fox, on Pinterest and knew it would be a perfect way to find new places in our new old city of Des Moines.

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