Demolition + July 4 Family Fun

Are you a friend or family member in Des Moines and you feel like you have yet to really see my family this summer?  My apologies -we hope this all settles down with the demolition dust soon.  Greensboro people, if you have not heard from me yet, again, my apologies!   Let me take youContinue reading “Demolition + July 4 Family Fun”

4th of July Onesie

Happy 4th of July! I whipped up a quick patriotic onesie for Greta yesterday.   I started with a clean white onesie, scissors, riboons, fabric, and fusible web.  Cut the desired shape out of the fabric.  Arrange ribbons on the wrong side of the fabric.  Cut shape of fusible web so that it is justContinue reading “4th of July Onesie”