Demolition + July 4 Family Fun

Are you a friend or family member in Des Moines and you feel like you have yet to really see my family this summer?  My apologies -we hope this all settles down with the demolition dust soon.  Greensboro people, if you have not heard from me yet, again, my apologies!


Let me take you on a tour of what has been keeping us busy lately at our house.  For starters, tearing out built-ins.  The built-ins in the dining room had to come out.  They were so tall that short me could not see over them while sitting at the table in the dining room.  It was a good choice, it really opened up the floor plan.

Paint, paint, and more paint.  The raspberry/magenta color in the dining room and living room had to go.  It is a gorgeous color as an accent, if you ask me.  However, all over the walls was a little agitating.  A few coats of primer and we were ready for the more neutral colors.  More on that later.  😉

Flooring tear out.  The carpet had to go.  We are going with some great choices that will brighten the house and be more friendly to my allergy prone self.

A new hole cut for the new range we ordered.  That little oven on the wall is smaller than the one in Greensboro!  Can you believe it?  The range was not working as well as it should  have, and I could not go back to the split range/oven like before.

We have kept Greta away lately for obvious safety issues like tack strips and nails, but also for her type A personality kicking in.  “What happened to the fridge?”
The sink in the middle of the office was too much to handle.  At first it was fun to “wash wash,” but then it was a constant, “Oh no, broke!”
The backyard is much calmer.  Brownie has been keeping the neighborhood rabbit population at bay and I have been enjoying the ability to line dry Greta’s diapers.  Any potty training tips for after a house remodel?

We have been making time for fun too.  Eric’s sister and family were in town for two weeks and we spent some quality time with them.  We went to the Urbandale 4th of July parade where Greta had two firsts: picking up candy and a lolly pop.  I know, I have deprived my child.

Dina enjoyed herself immensely.

We have been helping to keep a friend’s feral cat’s kittens tame.  There are six of these darlings and Greta is doing her best at keeping all the “ditties” in line.

I have reconnected with Iowa bike trails.  This beauty is just a curb hop away from my parents’ house.  It has been lovely to get out and ride in the mornings before family time and house work.

Speaking of riding, Greta is working on getting used to her new balance bike.  The idea is to work on balance and not become dependent on training wheels.  This was her birthday gift from us – notice the Hawkeye colors. The balance bike is a Giant Pre.

Sadly, we said bye bye to cousin time today.  They headed home, but it was such a joy to watch the evolution of the cousin friendship between these two year olds – first it was shyness, then playing in the same room, and finally playing together.


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Art teacher by day. Mother of 2 - day and night. Thrifter, crafter, artist, baker, chef, and DIYer in free time.

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