Birthday Pie + Mystery Ingredient

Eric’s birthday was last week and true to form, he asked for a birthday pie.  Since the strawberries are early this year, I decided strawberries it had to be.  My mom was down visiting for spring break, entertaining Greta and me while I baked this.  She mentioned she had just read about using a mysteryContinue reading “Birthday Pie + Mystery Ingredient”

Garage Rebuild Update

We cleaned, moved, organized, and shoveled garage debris.  We had great entertainment/moral support while working on the garage.  Eric’s man cave is looking BIG!   New view from my kitchen window on Tuesday evening.   We added a new gate, so that now our kitchen door is inside the backyard.  Eric standing inside the doorwayContinue reading “Garage Rebuild Update”

Spring Break Goodwill Trip #2

A friend of mine asked me to take her thrift store shopping, using words like pro, guru, and genius after my name.  I however, believe these are silly terms to describe my life-long habit of thrifty shopping and insider knowledge from having worked at Goodwill for a couple years.  However, once I stopped to reallyContinue reading “Spring Break Goodwill Trip #2”

Easy DIY Bedside Organizer

{UPDATE: Since this post was created, we have moved and have created a new use for this bedside organizer.  Click on the link to see the updated idea of a DIY Charging Station.} Our home is an older, smaller home.  With that being said our bedroom has room for only one nightstand. The only nightstand isContinue reading “Easy DIY Bedside Organizer”

Good Goodwill Hunting

Today was a day filled with: running in preparation for my May run, shoveling gravel, moving bricks, sitting outside enjoying spring, biking, Target, dinner at Sticks & Stones, and Goodwill. My irises are blooming.  Leather Thinsulate-lined jacket from Goodwill.  Cute baby clothing from Goodwill.  Hanging out during dinner at Sticks & Stones.  PERFECT Chanel topContinue reading “Good Goodwill Hunting”

Happy Easter

Easter was a blast this year!  We spent it with friends and their children.  We had an egg hunt, a scavenger hunt with excellent clues, ate hot cross buns, and then to Tandoor Indian Restaurant for the lunch buffet.   I had loads of wonderful photos, but for some reason my memory card decided toContinue reading “Happy Easter”

First Friday of Spring Break: Garage & Swiffers

Glorious spring break!  Here at last! My first Friday of spring break was a busy one.  We started by tearing down the garage – it has been coming down piece by piece on its own for quite some time.  We decided to speed the process up (just) a little. It took us about an hourContinue reading “First Friday of Spring Break: Garage & Swiffers”

North Carolina Museum of Art

We took a field trip on Saturday to Raleigh.  Eric had a conference and I wanted to see the new and improved North Carolina Museum of Art.  When we arrived at the North Carolina Museum of Art it was a stormy, rainy afternoon.  I was not even thinking that a stroll through the sculptures wouldContinue reading “North Carolina Museum of Art”