A Greensboro Goodbye + Move to Iowa

This is a lengthy post and long overdue.  But, I felt I had to put in some effort, in saying good bye to a place and a group of people who have captured my heart for the past eight years.  The goodbyes started with one last dinner at Sticks & Stones Wood Fired Pizza.  OhContinue reading “A Greensboro Goodbye + Move to Iowa”

Pinto & Broccoli Hot Pizza

This recipe came about due to and outing during our first open house.  It is the perfect blend of veggies, hearty wheat crust topped with bean spread, savory onions and garlic, and zing of chipotle peppers.   We headed to Sticks and Stones Clay Oven Pizza this weekend after a walk with the dog toContinue reading “Pinto & Broccoli Hot Pizza”

Good Goodwill Hunting

Today was a day filled with: running in preparation for my May run, shoveling gravel, moving bricks, sitting outside enjoying spring, biking, Target, dinner at Sticks & Stones, and Goodwill. My irises are blooming.  Leather Thinsulate-lined jacket from Goodwill.  Cute baby clothing from Goodwill.  Hanging out during dinner at Sticks & Stones.  PERFECT Chanel topContinue reading “Good Goodwill Hunting”