Eric’s Birthday 2013

Eric recently celebrated his birthday – a big one too!  To help him celebrate his 30th birthday, his parents came to visit for a long weekend.  Greta picked out sushi makings for him – more on the sushi later.   Lucky Greta got some wonderful grandparent time.  She and Bapa (that’s what she calls bothContinue reading “Eric’s Birthday 2013”

Goodbye 20s Hello 30s + Chocolate Pumpkin Pie

On Tuesday night I got my first surprise party.  We had a work day the following day, hence the weeknight party.  It all started when one of my friends texted me and asked if I could pick her son up from wrestling practice that evening due to a conflict.  It was completely a believable excuseContinue reading “Goodbye 20s Hello 30s + Chocolate Pumpkin Pie”

Birthday Pie + Mystery Ingredient

Eric’s birthday was last week and true to form, he asked for a birthday pie.  Since the strawberries are early this year, I decided strawberries it had to be.  My mom was down visiting for spring break, entertaining Greta and me while I baked this.  She mentioned she had just read about using a mysteryContinue reading “Birthday Pie + Mystery Ingredient”