Thrifty Mama: Finds of the Week

After a very long and tiring work week, I stopped by Goodwill before picking up Greta on Friday.  I went in with the express purpose of finding her a few items in 2T.  I know, where has my baby gone?  I only wanted a few things to tide us over so that when she finallyContinue reading “Thrifty Mama: Finds of the Week”

Goodwill find of the week plus easy weeknight dinner

We swung by Goodwill this afternoon after work.  We had planned to go for a walk due to our awesome crock pot planning yesterday afternoon, however the rainy weather had other plans for us.  So Goodwill it was.  I perused through the kids’ section and on the way out,  up on a rack above someContinue reading “Goodwill find of the week plus easy weeknight dinner”

Spring Break Goodwill Trip #2

A friend of mine asked me to take her thrift store shopping, using words like pro, guru, and genius after my name.  I however, believe these are silly terms to describe my life-long habit of thrifty shopping and insider knowledge from having worked at Goodwill for a couple years.  However, once I stopped to reallyContinue reading “Spring Break Goodwill Trip #2”

Good Goodwill Hunting

Today was a day filled with: running in preparation for my May run, shoveling gravel, moving bricks, sitting outside enjoying spring, biking, Target, dinner at Sticks & Stones, and Goodwill. My irises are blooming.  Leather Thinsulate-lined jacket from Goodwill.  Cute baby clothing from Goodwill.  Hanging out during dinner at Sticks & Stones.  PERFECT Chanel topContinue reading “Good Goodwill Hunting”