Iowa Butter Cow Print

I recently finished another state themed block print – this time in homage to our current state of Iowa.  We don’t have a catch phrase like y’all to work with, so I went with something the state fair theme.  I know that plenty of states have state fairs, but I promise you, they have NOTHINGContinue reading “Iowa Butter Cow Print”

Walking Dead Silhouettes

Ok, I admit, I am generally NOT a TV person.  I can find so many better ways to spend my time instead of zoning out in front of the screen – in other words, I am make myself too busy.  However, there are a few times when a show captures my attention.  And oh man,Continue reading “Walking Dead Silhouettes”

NC Home Collage

North Carolina Home, collage & mixed media on paper, 9 x 12″, 2013.   Do not reuse image without permission.  Our Iowa home has something  new and interesting to grace its spacious gallery-like walls – a collage.  This collage makes use of old Greensboro maps, vellum, scraps of wall paint from the old house, andContinue reading “NC Home Collage”

Mommy’s Musings: Spring Break

This teacher is officially on spring break!  My thrift find of the week: a LaVia shirt that I would never ever pay full price for. Spring break means more time with Greta due to yearbook being officially done and turned in. Spring break also means more time for Blog postings.  Target now sells these babiesContinue reading “Mommy’s Musings: Spring Break”

Tree Mixed Media Artwork

I forgot all about this collage & watercolor piece I had completed a while back – in November.  Whoops!  I made it on a friend’s birthday and subsequently ended up giving it to her .  I have been really enjoying using the old books in my collage work lately. I have another one of theseContinue reading “Tree Mixed Media Artwork”

Iowa State Fair

Is this Heaven? No, Iowa.  We went to the Iowa State Fair on two separate days.  Both days were beautifully cool.  Here is a sampling of our fun.  We ate caramel apples,  egg on a stick,  milkshakes, ice,  veggie corn dogs,  Iowa craft beer,  honey lemonade, cinnamon rolls,  and Bauder’s peppermint ice cream sandwiches.  EdiblesContinue reading “Iowa State Fair”

Abraham & Lincoln Cat Collage

Abraham & Lincoln, collage & mixed media on paper, 2010. I finished the commission cat piece, Abraham & Lincoln, aptly named after the two subjects.  It turned out just as I imagined it, which surprisingly is not always easy to accomplish.  I think this tabby turned out better then the previous Tsali in the WindowContinue reading “Abraham & Lincoln Cat Collage”