Iowa Butter Cow Print

I recently finished another state themed block print – this time in homage to our current state of Iowa.  We don’t have a catch phrase like y’all to work with, so I went with something the state fair theme.  I know that plenty of states have state fairs, but I promise you, they have NOTHINGContinue reading “Iowa Butter Cow Print”

Valentine’s Day is Nearing…

This means only one thing: hand made cards coming soon. I was going through my vast digital collection of photos this evening, while Eric is chaperoning a middle school dance, and found this old gem.  I have made Valentine’s Day cards as long as I can remember.  Some years I made collage cards, but mostContinue reading “Valentine’s Day is Nearing…”

Dan & Katie’s wedding present

Iowa River Kayak, Linoleum block print, 2010. Utah Sky Kayak, Linoleum block print, 2010. We spent a lovely weekend in Dubuque, Iowa this weekend for a friend’s wedding.  The images are the block prints we are giving as their wedding gifts.  The idea was for kayaking prints was Eric’s and I brought them to fruition. Continue reading “Dan & Katie’s wedding present”