Iowa State Fair

Is this Heaven? No, Iowa. 
We went to the Iowa State Fair on two separate days.  Both days were beautifully cool.  Here is a sampling of our fun. 

We ate caramel apples, 
egg on a stick, 



veggie corn dogs, 
Iowa craft beer, 

honey lemonade,

cinnamon rolls, 

and Bauder’s peppermint ice cream sandwiches. 
Edibles we saw but did not eat were: deep fried candy, 

the butter cow, Snow White, and her Seven Dwarfs, 

a slab of bacon, 

deep fried butter, 

pork chop on a stick, 

a huge chocolate moose, 

prize-winning jelly, 

salad on a stick, 

double bacon corn dogs, 

chicken (or beef?), 

and the biggest pumpkins. 
Livestock we saw were: dairy cows, 


crowing roosters, 

pygmy goats, 

the biggest boar, 

we saw that Greta is no where near the size of the biggest boar, 

we saw Greta is also nowhere near the size of Jake, the biggest horse, 

We saw kids playing tricks on people in the horse barn, 

We saw tanks of Iowa fish, 

some I had never heard of before, 

we saw a farmer and his pig, 

Iowa ostrich association, 

a cow leaking water, 


and geese.  
We things uniquely Iowa State Fair-ish: onion petal flowers, 
dairy farmer cut-outs, 
a bus ride from the state capitol building, 
a tractor tram, 

4H exhibits, 

a 4H tattoo, 

a local potter, 

a bicycle that powers light bulbs, 

a vegetarian stand, 

double Ferris wheel,

the Ring of Fire, 

a tornado chaser (shudder), 

big tractors, 

funny tractors, 

tractor wheels, 

a mural about tractors, 

Back to the Future car made from canned goods, 

the sky ride, 

rhinestone ice cream cone, 

the big slide, 

the line for the butter cow, 

a wax corn, 

model of the tallest ever corn stalk, 

a really tall windmill, 

corn ice cream, 

award ice cream, 

Little Bo Peep, 

a dog peeing on a classic car, 

and lots of Iowans.  

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Art teacher by day. Mother of 2 - day and night. Thrifter, crafter, artist, baker, chef, and DIYer in free time.

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