Golf Baby Art

Whew!  It’s been a while since I completed an artwork that wasn’t a demonstration artwork for my classroom.  This piece was created for friends who had their baby back in August.  I know, I am behind, right?  Mom and dad both like retro themes and golf – so there you have the theme.  You canContinue reading “Golf Baby Art”

Tree Mixed Media Artwork

I forgot all about this collage & watercolor piece I had completed a while back – in November.  Whoops!  I made it on a friend’s birthday and subsequently ended up giving it to her .  I have been really enjoying using the old books in my collage work lately. I have another one of theseContinue reading “Tree Mixed Media Artwork”

Strawberry Collage

Strawberries & Sugar, collage on paper, 2010. One of my stronger early memories in life is of visiting my Grandparents in Billings, Montana.  The climate and weather was so different than the Midwest and the day-long drive from Minneapolis was like traveling to a different world as a young child.  When we arrived in MinneapolisContinue reading “Strawberry Collage”

Lauren’s birthday print – Day of the Dead

 Skeleton Woman in Purple Chair, collage on paper, 2010. My long(est) time friend, Lauren expressed interest in a Day of the Dead collage for her birthday.  This photograph is the finished product.  The frame was a perfect find – as soon as I saw it I knew that Lauren had to have it and soContinue reading “Lauren’s birthday print – Day of the Dead”