Iowa Butter Cow Print

I recently finished another state themed block print – this time in homage to our current state of Iowa.  We don’t have a catch phrase like y’all to work with, so I went with something the state fair theme.  I know that plenty of states have state fairs, but I promise you, they have NOTHINGContinue reading “Iowa Butter Cow Print”

Rebecca’s Zucchini Bread

It is still zucchini season!  Here is one of my all-time favorite zucchini recipes for you – named after the friend of my mom’s that the recipe comes from.  It’s moist and dense with a sprinkling of crunchy sesame seeds on top. I made a double batch the other day and gave some away.  However,Continue reading “Rebecca’s Zucchini Bread”

Iowa State Fair

Is this Heaven? No, Iowa.  We went to the Iowa State Fair on two separate days.  Both days were beautifully cool.  Here is a sampling of our fun.  We ate caramel apples,  egg on a stick,  milkshakes, ice,  veggie corn dogs,  Iowa craft beer,  honey lemonade, cinnamon rolls,  and Bauder’s peppermint ice cream sandwiches.  EdiblesContinue reading “Iowa State Fair”

Iowa State Fair season

Having grown up in Iowa, in 4H, this time of year is a very special time.  This time of year the days are hot and seem to stretch on forever, yet somehow they still magically slip by until the first day of school hits you like a an alarm clock going off.  Then, sweet reliefContinue reading “Iowa State Fair season”