tee shirt up-cyling

One of my favorite craft books, Generation T, inspired me to start using my tee shirts for something other than quilts.  I have two tee shirt quilts already, though I admit they were both made by my mother.  This book offers a great starting point with easy, moderate, to difficult projects.  One of my more recent projects from this book was the tee shirt shopping bag, made with the iconic I ❤ NY tee shirt.

 I ❤ NY tee shirt shopper.
So, what do you do when you have a bag of old tee shirts and a few very nice Brooks Brother’s men dress shirts?

Side 1 of the pillow.
An up-cycled pillow!  This side features only the dress shirt, complete with the pocket and the button down front which serves as the opening for the pillow itself.  As you can see, it has gotten some use already.
Side 2 of pillow.

This side of the the pillow is made from the dress shirt as well as tee shirts.  The face, hair, and eyes are tee shirts.  The nose is stitched with embroidery floss.  The lips, irises, and ear details are painted with acrylic paint.  The eyebrows are made from an old felted sweater.  What is the best part about this pillow?

Side 2 with facial hair.

It has different facial hair styles to choose from!  The beard and mustache are made from felted sweaters and are attached with small Velcro tabs.  The pocket on side 1 stores multiple beards & ‘staches.  He has a handlebar, Fu Manchu, Pencil mustache, and a goatee so far.

Contest for one of the amazing Generation T books at Eco Chic’s blog.  (Contest is over, but you can still check out the blog for interesting ideas. )

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