A good pie is a work of art.

A good apple pie is a work of art.
I made apple pie on this past weekend and after two hours of labor, I decided it was pretty enough to photograph.  The crust recipe comes from the Better Homes and Gardens plaid cookbook and the filling, a new recipe, came from Martha Stewart. 
Friday night was a special occasion and special occasions call for pie.  When we drove back from Dan and Katie’s wedding we made sure to stop for some Iowa sweet corn.  We held off until Friday to eat this corn – talk about self control!  
  Here is the table in the process of being covered in food and BBQ requirements.  Sidenote: made the tablecloth this summer from old bandanas.  I have had some free time for sewing for the first time in years.  
Some of the beautiful Iowa corn we ate.  We should have bought more!

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Art teacher by day. Mother of 2 - day and night. Thrifter, crafter, artist, baker, chef, and DIYer in free time.

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