Concrete is beautiful

I seem to be thinking about concrete frequently these days.  I got the buyer’s guide to Dwell magazine and am enthralled with the useful and decorative properties of concrete in the home.  I find myself wishing we had considered other options for our tiled bathroom floor.  We put in unfinished ceramic tile before we moved into our home.  Now, due to lack of glaze, they are and uglier brownish gray color thanks to North Carolina dirt.  I will chalk up this poor design and function choice to being new to world of home DIY. 

Our bathroom tiles.

More on the concrete topic, today I read an interesting article in the New Yorker about the new parking garage on 1111 Lincoln Road in Miami Beach by Herzog & de Meuron.  The ideas and design exhibited in this building are unique and show a new way of thinking in terms of automobiles and cities.  I love the integration of retail, living space, special events space, and innovative use of an older building rolled into a new and progressive piece of architecture.  Imagine hosting your wedding in this amazing space – that changes the notion of a parking garage.  Who said concrete couldn’t be beautiful? 

 1111 Lincoln Road.

This architecture and design reading leaves me reminiscing of my days in college architecture classes.


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