Western Vacation: Yellowstone to Iowa

We got up early and to drive from Yellowstone to Iowa.  As we loaded the last of the items into the car, we heard wolves howling.   We dropped out of the mountains fairly quickly.   And then it was fairly flat.  We saw an RV pulling a tractor.  We saw a dog launcher. InterestingContinue reading “Western Vacation: Yellowstone to Iowa”

Western Vacation: Old Faithful area

We got early the first morning at Old Faithful and hiked to the top of the Observation Point. It commanded a wide view of Old Faithful Inn, the geyser basin, and Old Faithful Geyser.  Greta was bundled up – not used to 40 degrees in the morning!   Old Faithful Geyser was warming up forContinue reading “Western Vacation: Old Faithful area”

Western Vacation: Grand Tetons

After a night at Mammoth, we headed south through Yellowstone, toward the Grand Tetons, stopping at a few attractions along the way.   First we saw Roaring Mountain.  This thermal feature is an entire mountain side covered in steaming vents.   We stopped at Norris Geyser Basin, next.  This is a large area with manyContinue reading “Western Vacation: Grand Tetons”

Western Vacation: Mammoth Hot Springs

After a lovely night in Red Lodge and a full view from the Beartooth, we moved on to Mammoth Hot Springs.  Mammoth is nice because of its village feel.  It has a main lodge, cabins with or without hot tubs, a general store, gas station, restaurant, grill, visitor center and museum, and its own boardwalksContinue reading “Western Vacation: Mammoth Hot Springs”

Western Vacation: Red Lodge, Montana and the Beartooth

Whew!  I’m back and I bet you didn’t even know I was gone.  We were on a whirlwind tour of the United States these past two weeks.  We saw everything from black bears, bison, and geysers to bacon wrapped corn dogs, butter cows, and Midwest thunderstorms.  The next few entries will fill you in.  Continue reading “Western Vacation: Red Lodge, Montana and the Beartooth”