Western Vacation: Grand Tetons

After a night at Mammoth, we headed south through Yellowstone, toward the Grand Tetons, stopping at a few attractions along the way.  
First we saw Roaring Mountain.  This thermal feature is an entire mountain side covered in steaming vents.
We stopped at Norris Geyser Basin, next.  This is a large area with many thermal attractions.  It is a very popular stopping point, so getting there early is key.  Parking can be quite the problem later in the day.  The boardwalks and paths take you through some very interesting thermal features.  
Echinus is one that used to erupt quite frequently in the 90s.  
Steamboat is the world’s largest active geyser.  Currently, Steamboat has small frequent eruptions of 10 to 40 feet.  If you are lucky enough, you may get to see its grand eruption which is a jet of water more than 300 feet, lasting anywhere from 8 to 10 minutes.  However, these eruptions are rather unpredictable
This pool, Pearl Geyser, had an intriguing center – it was almost an opaque or smoky color of blue. 
Some of the thermal features also have interesting sounds.  Frying pan, no?
We arrived in the Tetons later in the afternoon, after a lunch and laundry stop at Colter Bay. 
  The first evening at Jackson Lake Lodge gave us pretty dramatic panoramic shots.  This is the view from the main lobby’s tremendous soaring windows.  This truly may be the world’s best bar – you simply can’t beat a patio with these views. The patio also happens to be the perfect early morning wildlife viewing vantage point. 
This photo does not give enough of a sense of scale of the lobby’s interior.  It is a fabulous place to lose an entire afternoon or evening, just sitting.  Can you tell how much I love being in the Tetons and Jackson Lake Lodge? 😉
Greta enjoyed an after-dinner strawberry milkshake from the Lodge’s Grill.  I enjoyed the views of my two as well as this view from our bench:
Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post: hiking in the Tetons. 


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