Western Vacation: Tetons Hike

We took a baby-free day to hike way up into the Tetons to see these beauties.   But first, we had some questionable weather.  Just after breakfast, the skies opened up to thunderous, pouring, cold rain.    We took a chance, based on what we saw on the radar, and decided to keep going.  Continue reading “Western Vacation: Tetons Hike”

Western Vacation: Grand Tetons

After a night at Mammoth, we headed south through Yellowstone, toward the Grand Tetons, stopping at a few attractions along the way.   First we saw Roaring Mountain.  This thermal feature is an entire mountain side covered in steaming vents.   We stopped at Norris Geyser Basin, next.  This is a large area with manyContinue reading “Western Vacation: Grand Tetons”