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After a very long and tiring work week, I stopped by Goodwill before picking up Greta on Friday.  I went in with the express purpose of finding her a few items in 2T.  I know, where has my baby gone?  I only wanted a few things to tide us over so that when she finally does bump up a size we are not left trying to be those parents squeezing her into something too short and tall small.  Not that it has stopped me in the past – especially with the really cute outfits.  I got this whole stack for her (and yes, not a thing for me).  You can check out a previous post on thrift shopping here for tips and suggestions.

I know some people for whatever reason are against Goodwill, I am sure there are reasons.  However, for me, I love to seek out the oddball finds, the this-is-brand-new-with-tags finds, and the it-was-how-much-new?! is my favorite find.  I figure when you work with permanent materials as often as I do and send a child to daycare to be messy, cheap clothing isn’t all that bad.

Plus it is a lot easier to own more clothing when you have paid less for it.  🙂

These first two outfits are two of Greta’s favorite things – dogs and cats.  The cat one is just hilarious since she likes to almost smash the cats.  Both are from Crazy 8 and were anywhere from $8 – $13 new.   The purple pants are generic and we will say, conservatively, $7 – $10 new.   Ok, so if we total the top end of those estimates, we are at a total of $36 so far.  Let’s keep going!

 Janie and Jack jeans – super cute dark wash and a San Francisco label.  You know that means the $$ signs!  These are anywhere from $30 – $40 new.  So now we are at a total of $76.

Since summer will be here before I know it, and Greta tends to stick with sizes for an extended time, I couldn’t pass up the shorts and tee shirt.  The two tops are also Crazy 8, so again, $8 – $13 new.  The Guess velour pants are $25 – $30 new and the Puma shorts are about $20 new.  So now we are at a total of $152.

I threw in these pink organic cotton pants from et toi, even though I did not make a matched outfit.  She has clothing at home that will go with these pants.  Normally, when I buy for Greta from consignment or thrift, I try to always buy sets.  That way, I am not sifting through her drawer trying to match oddball things together.  It is also more sensible to shop this way for her, it keeps me from buying too much at one time.  These pants would be about $20 new.  Now we are at a total of $172.

This was the diamond of this trip though.  I saw this on the hanger and knew it was a good find – the drape, the fabric (modal), the style, the little bow, and the tag.  Jacadi Paris.  Usually if I have time I whip out the smart phone and search for labels to keep a running total of $$ in my head, but this time I was running late and just trusted my gut.  

 Sure enough, $70 – $100 new.  Sigh, if only it would fit me.  Ah well, it could always become doll clothing later on.  Or maybe some family members or friends of ours will inherit it someday.  Ok so the Jacadi dress brings us to a total of $272 new.  But how much did I really pay?

$19.  That’s right, $19 versus the $272 I could have paid for these 11 pieces of clothing. I could have paid a teensy bit less, but I let them round up the price to an even dollar as a donation.

What keeps you from shopping at thrift stores OR what has been your best thrift store find?  Leave me a comment below!

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4 thoughts on “Thrifty Mama: Finds of the Week

  1. Amazing finds! And I agree – the thrill is in the hunt! I remember finding a gorgeous Moschino dress – for about $5. Keep looking…

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