Coffee Filter Flower Card

One of my art teacher roles is often to teach my students that the hand made gifts are truly the best. This is an easy project that is fun for all ages.  You should have seen my seventh grade students working on this yesterday – the enthusiasm made my day.    If your peonies don’t likeContinue reading “Coffee Filter Flower Card”

Crayon Batik + Fluffer Nutter Hot Cocoa

This is a fun and easy art lesson you can do at home on a weeknight, a Sunday afternoon over hot cocoa, or even with your students.  My 6th graders are working on this project next week.  I love to cultivate a love of crayons – too often they are dismissed as elementary, and IContinue reading “Crayon Batik + Fluffer Nutter Hot Cocoa”

Melted Crayon Art

Untitled, mixed media on mat board, 2012.  This is a lesson that came about from Pinterest.  I needed a short filler lesson for between major units and this one was a smashing success.  Sometimes I think I come across as a staunch neat freak to these kids because they were so excited that I wasContinue reading “Melted Crayon Art”