Eric’s Birthday 2013

Eric recently celebrated his birthday – a big one too!  To help him celebrate his 30th birthday, his parents came to visit for a long weekend.  Greta picked out sushi makings for him – more on the sushi later.  
Lucky Greta got some wonderful grandparent time.  She and Bapa (that’s what she calls both grandfathers and grandmothers) played in the yard.  Bapa showed her how to toss flowers in the air. 
The weather was gorgeous so spent a lot of the weekend outdoors.  We hit up the Children’s Museum, grilled out for dinner, walked around the neighborhood, and made a visit to the park. Greta cooked up a storm at her kitchen. 

I, however, stormed my cooking and failed miserably on making Eric a dairy-free key lime pie.  I ended up freezing it to make frozen bars, but it still was not satisfying to eat.  All I could do was picture this liquid mess every time I took a bite.

I tried to make my own sweetened condensed milk from coconut milk and it flopped.  I know what I did wrong though, so more on this to come at a later date.  

Eric saved his own day by going to Cheesecakes by Alex for decadent (and full of dairy, I’m sure, desserts).  This chocolate cupcake was brought back as a prize for my efforts, I think.

Cream filling and everything!

Eric picked out a key lime cheesecake as a birthday replacement.

I redeemed myself later this week by making a decadently healthy cake.  Check back tomorrow for the recipe on Gluten & Sugar Free Blackberry Cake with Coconut Whipped Cream.

I’ve been slack on blogging lately – too many job applications in preparation for the big move to Iowa and I have been reading quite a bit lately.  So, I’m off to finish The Great Gatsby tonight.  I am almost done re-reading it in preparation for the new movie on May 10th.  I am so excited to see this one – one of my favorite novels, directors, and actors all in one movie!

Did you know that this is the original artwork for the original cover of the book?  F. Scott Fitzgerald says he wove elements of the artwork into the story.  Light is a recurring theme in this book – the green light at the end of Daisy’s dock, Gatsby’s house lit up, Gatsby’s garden lit up like a Christmas tree during his parties.  


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