Curried Oat Cakes and Honest Adult Lemonade

Last night was a special occasion!   I cleared off the table, set it, and made it look pretty for dinner last night.  I also whipped up Honest Adult Lemonades.  Why?   It was Eric’s last day of class on Thursday and he graduated today! For starters – the drink.  You will need Perrier carbonatedContinue reading “Curried Oat Cakes and Honest Adult Lemonade”

Mommy’s Medley Okra Gumbo

Okra is a beautiful plant that thrives in hot, dry weather.  It has prickly leaves and beautiful long yellow flowers, that when pollinated, close and grow into tasty okra. I planted my okra in the front yard, near the steps to the sidewalk.  It gets plenty of hot sun in this area, and is thriving.Continue reading “Mommy’s Medley Okra Gumbo”

Rainy Day Play: Finger Painting

I have been wanting to finger paint with Greta for quite some time.  Actually, since the first moment I knew Greta was in existence, I have day dreamed about making art with her.  Forget names, I wanted to know what kind of art my future child would be interested in.   So I had thisContinue reading “Rainy Day Play: Finger Painting”

Mt. Mitchell to Little Switzerland Adventure

 Nice sunny day drive to Mt. Mitchell. Our family tries our hardest to be tourists in our own state.  We have made a point to explore as many areas as possible.  Last weekend we set off for Mt. Mitchell to do some hiking and sight seeing.  It had been a couple years since ourContinue reading “Mt. Mitchell to Little Switzerland Adventure”

Mommy’s Medley Banana-Peach Pancakes

Greta has been a carb fiend lately and rather than loading her up on processed carbs, I like to bake for her whenever possible.  These are the pancakes I have been working on perfecting over the past six months.  I wanted whole grains, no added sugar, hidden veggies and/or fruit, and minimal ingredients. These pancakesContinue reading “Mommy’s Medley Banana-Peach Pancakes”

Steamed Veggies & Quinoa

At the risk of sound like a snob, I have been eating quinoa long before the celebrity chefs could pronounce its name correctly.  As a child raised vegetarian, we ate plenty of quinoa.  A little background history on quinoa, courtesy of the Whole Grains Council: Quinoa is also known as the mother grain and andContinue reading “Steamed Veggies & Quinoa”