Quiet Book

Colorful pages of Greta’s quiet book. 
This entry is a sneak preview of the upcoming August Etsy shop listing.  I will be putting some of my summer projects up for sale, and while this book will not be for sale, there will be other similar ones.  This is Greta’s quiet book, made for car trips, airplane trips, quiet times just before bed, or any other calm down time.  Its soft fabric pages are meant to entertain and educate.  The pages have characters, buttons, Velcro, snaps and ribbons for hours (probably more like minutes) of tactile play.  
So far she and the kitten really enjoy the quiet book. 
Quiet book cover with the letter G. 

Page 1: owl is made from a felted wool sweater, the branch is ribbon, and the leaves, eyes, feet, beak and wings are tee shirt fabric.
Page 2: ribbons secured with tee shirt fabric.  
Page 3: A felted disc is attached to the inside of a pocket from an old men’s dress shirt. 
Page 4: two triangular shapes are attached with Velcro tabs. 
Page 5: a large button and a button hole, which is made from a felted sweater. 
Page 6: two snaps cut from an outgrown set of pajamas.  I loved these pajamas a little too much – now they can live on in this book.  
The back of the book with a flower from beloved pajamas.  

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