Object Stamped (Wrapping) Paper

Object stamping is one of my favorite artistic processes to do with young artists. There is something so magical about scrounging around for everyday items and with a little paint transforming them into beautiful works of patterns, richly layered designs, and textured papers just waiting to be used or simply happy to be an artwork in itself.

My daughter making stamped wrapping paper with a toy car, potato masher, cookie cutters, foam darts, cut cardboard, hair curlers, spools, foam brushes, gift cards, bubble wrap taped on a box, and silicone basting brushes.

The beauty of this process is that you can use any object that you can dip, roll, or dab in paint. No fancy or expensive brushes needed – just raid the toy chest, junk drawer, or kitchen cabinets.

Some of my dollar store finds – toothbrushes, foam rollers, plungers, brooms, silicone basting brushes, spatulas, and spray bottles. Spray bottles can be filled with very watery paint for spraying effects. This can make a lovely snow texture.

When I do this process with students at school, we use the tables. At home, I just roll out paper on the floor and spread out supplies. Clean up is fairly quick – fill a large bowl with soapy water and soak the objects before washing, drape papers over tables and chairs until dry, and then a quick mop of the floors.

I always use liquid tempera paint – as it is more washable. If you want a glittery or iridescent effect – mix glitter in with glue or paint. Metallic liquid tempera paints are always a great option too. I prefer Dick Blick tempera paint or Crayola washable. Tip: I always buy the smaller sizes for home, because once you open the paint, they will start to smell. Smaller sizes get used up more quickly. Do not put extra paint back into the bottles, as this will speed up the smelliness.

This year’s wrapping paper was made from newspaper sheets and butcher paper. I used winter sticky notes for gift tags and am in the process of using up my plastic ribbon. When it’s gone I plan to go with more eco-friendly choices.

A few of the stamped wrapping paper gifts.

Check out a few more ideas and see the process below:


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