Paper Snowflakes

This week has been the week of paper snowflake demos for many of my virtual art classes. There are papers, scraps, and snowflakes in all stages of completion all over my bedroom, which has been taken over as my remote teaching space.

I love the unexpected element of a paper snowflake, as I tend to go in with no preconceived plan. There are some amazingly complicated paper snowflakes to be found on the web. Search for them and be prepared to be awed.

What to do with your paper snowflakes? Hang them up, make them into cards, color on them, draw on them, make them into texture rubbings, make them into masks. I always like the simple silhouette of a paper snowflake on a window.

Outside my snowflake adorned window, there is plenty of real snow beckoning me to go and play. The kids and I are done soon and headed outside. The gray sky and cold temperatures won’t keep us away!

Check out the how-to videos below! The second video are the steps I use for my younger students – think Pre-K through 1st or 2nd grade. The second video has some ideas on some possible next steps for paper snowflakes, including the texture rubbing.

Try a digital snowflake maker for more fun!


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