February Wrap-up


It is no longer February.  Somehow, February escaped me this year – it has been filled with snuggly sick kids, baking, making Valentine’s, mountains of snow – this is the mall parking lot and its mounds of snow that will last until June.  Speaking of June, we have been discussing the warmer months ahead on a daily basis around here.  It is interesting to me how my toddler’s memories of summer are a mythical past – her questions are numerous and ideas endless.  Lately, she has been dreaming of places we can bike to, now that little brother is bigger and stronger, she knows his biking days are coming.  Meanwhile, I dream of days where getting myself and two small children out the door do not involve as many layers of clothing, just layers of sunblock.


Everyone. has. been. sick.  I am so tired of snot!  On the bright side, I did find time to get a haircut this month. Newly shaped and straightened ‘do always overrides tired mommy eyes.  Fresh from the salon is as coiffed as my hair ever gets.


In the land of Q, he is sitting, trying to crawl and currently has 3.5 teeth.  He keeps all of us busy!


I managed to get Greta’s Valentine’s done on time, though she couldn’t enjoy the party this year due to being sick.  We dropped them off and she got her bag to go.  I broke out gel medium and a bag of glitter to doll up her extra valentine’s with an adult theme.


Sorry, my child.  She actually told Eric, quite incredulously, “Daddy, did you know horses make glitter?!”


We Eric managed to tear up the upstairs bathroom and put in new flooring and a new sink cabinet in a weekend, marathon DIY project.  Still to be done: painting, new light fixture, switch plates, and new vent cover.  More on that later.

tubeIn the meantime, the tube that held the flooring has been an endless source of fun – for children and cats alike.  Cars can really get some momentum shooting down this tube!

I’ll leave you with my current favorite quote:


May your March be healthful, productive, and joyful.


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Art teacher by day. Mother of 2 - day and night. Thrifter, crafter, artist, baker, chef, and DIYer in free time.

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