Sea-themed Half Bath Makeover

½ bath before makeover.  

Our ½ bath downstairs had a lot going for it and yet, a lot to be desired when we first moved in.  The shutters, which covered every window all over the house, had to go.  They made the tiny bathroom so much darker.

½ bath after makeover.  
The old laminate floors were replaced with a synthetic tile – it has a little give to it, which I like.  The removal of the shutters and use of the frosted glass-like window cling obscures the window without losing daylight.  This bathroom’s window helps to light the hallway, so this was the better choice than blinds or curtains.  

½ bath before. 
The tile is in fine shape, but the paint needed a fresh coat of glossy white.  After the floor was changed out, we had to raise up the pedestal sink a bit, and then re caulk the sink to the wall.  That crazy hook had to go as well. 

½ bath after. 

It was much harder than we realized to find a new cabinet, due to the size and shape of the hole in the wall behind it.  You can see the crack in the tiles in the bottom left corner of the cabinet, above.  So, we opted to use living room paint and some paint samples to spruce it up for the time being.  Who knows, it may even become a permanent cabinet.

I added an ocean mixed media piece I did back in 2006 – keeping this bathroom sparse was my goal.

 The cabinet’s interior is sharp in this deep blue.

My Fishbones, in Greensboro, cut metal fish and two striped towels from Ikea rounded out the sparseness. 

My favorite part of this bathroom is the surprise ceiling mural.  This came from the sea motif in this bathroom and a spark of inspiration one late night after Greta was in bed and Eric was out and about.   I figured if he really hated it, primer would cover it nicely.

I used two samples for the tentacle paint.  The top one is the Pantone color of the year – Emerald.  I have plenty left over and I love this color, so I think it will end up in a few more places in our home.  The bottom color is called crocodile smile and it is a summer 2013 Lowe’s paint sample.  The Lowe’s sample looked better in the jar than on the ceiling, I think.  

This lovely light blue is a sample from Ace Hardware, called Grace Harbor.  I used a cork to stamp the circular patterns on the ceiling.  I love these little paint samples, they are a great way to test a color and excellent for small projects.

The last touch was to add a storage shelf above the door.  I have always thought this is a smart idea for a bathroom, especially smaller ones.  It leaves no guests searching for t.p. or tissues.  Greta’s hand washing stool is handy for short people like me.


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