DIY Doll Bed + Scones

This is a simple project I put together this weekend using items around the house, my craft room, and the garage.  It is a big hit with Greta, such a big hit, I was working on it while she was playing with it a few times.  
This project came about on Thursday evening as it was starting to snow.  Snow in North Carolina incites riots.  Grocery stores lose entire bread and milk supplies, people rush out to buy sleds, shovels, salt, and cold weather clothing.  Schools cancel activities with the mere mention of possible snow.  Day cares, preschools, public schools, churches, and businesses alike, close with the actual act of falling snow.  Pure insanity, I tell you.  
Anyway, while waiting for the inevitable phone call that school would be canceled on Friday, Greta and I played with her snowman.  The snowman was completely her choice, might I add.  She discovered that it fit into an old wine box that had formerly been storing items by the front door.  She proceeded to wrap it up and put it bed over and over again. 

 I quickly ran back to my sewing machine and turned out a small stuffed pillow as a mattress and a reversible blanket.  This cute tropical print fabric came from my mom a couple years ago.

 The bright print is full of things Greta loves – frogs, lizards, flowers, and graphic shapes.

Now her doll and stuffed animals had a place to sleep.  I soon realized she was becoming frustrated with the tall sides of the bed.  It was too difficult for her to line up the mattress and tuck in the blanket just the way she wanted.  You see, I have a Type A on my hands.  So, to thwart the frustration noises and angry throwing, I had to act quickly.  

Out to the garage we went.  Using a small hand saw, I cut the sides down so the box resembled a sleigh bed.  I had Eric demonstrate it for this photo, but I promise, I cut the sides myself.  

 You can see my uneven cutting skills in this photo.  I ran a small amount of wood glue along the inside seams to strengthen the box.  After Greta was in bed last night, I painted the bed a bright shade of red.

 Two coats of paint later, and the bed was proper.  The bright colors complement each other nicely without being gaggingly pink, don’t you think?

Greta gave it her approval by promptly putting her doll to bed.  
On another note…

And because it is Sunday, you know what that means, here is my English connection for the week.  Scones!  Although, I feel like I was cheating making these this morning, they were the perfect start to the day.  We were all up at 6:30 AM and these cranberry orange scones only took 20 minutes from start to plate.

 The reason I felt like I was cheating?  Old Mill of Guilford cranberry orange scone mix.  There are some great stores in town where you can purchase these mixes.  The best location is the mill itself, otherwise try Bestway.  Bestway is an excellent stop for purchasing a number of things, which you shall see if you go to their Facebook page.

As simple as the ingredients and the directions are – you can’t go wrong.  
Maybe next week I will bring out the Blue Ribbon Winning Scones from the my 4H days.  But for now, I will savor my 20 minute scones.  


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