DIY Drawstring Bags + Hand Made Wooden Blocks

I whipped up a couple of these to wrap some of my home made gifts in this year.  I have a bunch of holiday fabric leftover from the advent calendar project and so am using it up little by little.  I will do my best attempt at explaining this project, but will admit readily that I am far better at explaining art steps than sewing steps.  Please forgive me in advance for lack of technical terms and some sloppy work.  
Step 1: Measure fabric twice.  Cut once.  I laid the actual gift on top to be sure it would fit.  I am well known for cutting too hastily.  
Step 2: Press and sew the edge that will be the opening for the drawstring closure.  I, of course forgot to do this step and so had to go back and rip out seams and re-sew.  I know, I know, if something is worth doing, it is worth doing badly.  

Step 3: Turn fabric right side down.  Press and pin a section along the top side of the fabric.  This will be the space for your draw string to go.  

Step 4: Sew a seam along the edge of the folded fabric.  See image above. 
Step 5: Fold fabric together, wrong sides in.  Pin on two sides – the long side and short side opposite the top folded seam you just sewed.  Sew a seam using 3/8″, or so.  Start your seam just below the seam for the drawstring.  See image above for starting point. 

Step 5: The fabric will now be sewn into a bag.  Turn bag right side in.  

Cut a length of ribbon a little more than twice as long as the top edge of the bag.  Pin safety pin on one edge.  See image above.  

Step 6: Thread safety pinned ribbon into one opening at the top of the bag.  Thread all the way through using motions shown below.  

Undo safety pin.  Tie two ribbon lengths together to prevent ribbon from escaping.  
This is Eric’s wrapping job using one of the fabric bags.  🙂 
I even made one for Greta’s gift of homemade wooden blocks.  
Eric made her a beautiful set of wooden blocks from striped and a plain light-colored wood.  

She will love these.  I am so excited for her to open her gifts this year.  
If you aren’t feeling crafty enough to make blocks, here are some other great options:


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