Super Hero Cape

I found this tutorial online on how to make a super hero cape for kids and decided to give a go.  There are two little boys who (hopefully) will love these.  I opted for a synthetic satin fabric with accents made from iron on letters and circles of contrasting fabric.  

The slippery fabric gave me flashbacks to sewing a prom dress and so I may leave this fabric alone for a while after this project.  I need to forget how fussy it can be.  The iron on letters work great – just be sure to iron them on before you pin, sew or assemble the cape in any way.  I cut out both sections of the cape, and then attached the circles with iron on transfer paper, then pinned, and then sewed.  This cut down on messy sewn hems with slippery icky fabric.  Can you tell I am not a fan of this fabric?  Give me felted wool or cotton any day!
I was surprised at how easy this pattern was and how well it fits all sizes – little boys to adults.  My general rule is, if you are making one, why not make 2?  However, in reality I made 3, the first one I made was so mucked up it is just sitting in the craft room wait now, awaiting its fate.  Maybe I will feel bold and find a way to re purpose it for Greta.  


Published by Chelsea

Art teacher by day. Mother of 2 - day and night. Thrifter, crafter, artist, baker, chef, and DIYer in free time.

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