I am dreaming of the beach…

…and most specifically Ocracoke Island, which is one of my top 3 favorite places on Earth. I got to thinking about this wonderful place because I entered a photography contest for http://www.outerbanks.org and their 2011 travel guide.  I entered three of my favorites from over the past five years, some of them may be below,Continue reading “I am dreaming of the beach…”

Iowa State Fair season

Having grown up in Iowa, in 4H, this time of year is a very special time.  This time of year the days are hot and seem to stretch on forever, yet somehow they still magically slip by until the first day of school hits you like a an alarm clock going off.  Then, sweet reliefContinue reading “Iowa State Fair season”

Dan & Katie’s wedding present

Iowa River Kayak, Linoleum block print, 2010. Utah Sky Kayak, Linoleum block print, 2010. We spent a lovely weekend in Dubuque, Iowa this weekend for a friend’s wedding.  The images are the block prints we are giving as their wedding gifts.  The idea was for kayaking prints was Eric’s and I brought them to fruition. Continue reading “Dan & Katie’s wedding present”