spring and Beard & Moustache Club Anniversary

I looked outside my kitchen window this morning and saw this:

These crocus are blooming all over the plot of earth behind the garage.  What a welcome site a little color on the land can be.  My daffodils have buds, but no blooms as of yet.  
We went to the 3rd Anniversary Celebrations for the North Carolina Beard and Mustache Club last night at the Lyndon Street Artworks.  This is a neat gallery/studio set up in downtown Greensboro.  I have been there before, but did not get a chance to look around until last night.  There are painters, metal workers, ceramic artists, woodworkers, recycled glass/metal artists, and a shop as well.  The gallery was converted to concert venue for the night complete with a stage, sound system, seating, local bands, and 4 kegs of local home brew. 
A friend of ours put the entire show together and also brought the cake.  It was a great time and quite a few people came out for the bash.  I am betting the article (on our friend and his ride to Alaska) in the local paper on Thursday helped publicize.  It didn’t hurt that this year’s party was at a larger venue that last year.  
The cake complete with the B&M Club logo.  
Eric was recruited to cut and serve the cake.  It was white with chocolate chips and a thick fondant frosting.  Very good and very decadent. 
Eric watching the show.  Does that guy in the black sweatshirt behind Eric look like anyone you know?
The beards, or what was left after the last set of the night.  

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