Thanksgiving 2012 + Apple Pie

We started Thanksgiving off with baking and cooking and a fridge clean-out to make room for the goods.  Greta was a big helper to Eric’s fridge cleaning.  She wanted to carry the salad dressing bottles. We gathered at a friend, Mary Elise and David’s house with Julie and Dipesh for a noon-time meal.  This wasContinue reading “Thanksgiving 2012 + Apple Pie”

Cranberry Ginger Relish

What have you done so far today?  I was up at 6 AM making apple pie (my best one yet!) and this yummy cranberry relish.  Today is the perfect time to make your Thanksgiving day cranberry sauce.  This is one I have been making since 2007.  It has the perfect zing with the addition ofContinue reading “Cranberry Ginger Relish”

Quick Wheat Buns

There is just something magic about bread.  Specifically home made from scratch yeast bread.  Nothing compares.  Just look at the crusty top and you know there is a soft, chewy bread interior in this bun, right?  I could go on and on about this recipe. These buns are the easiest from scratch rolls I’ve everContinue reading “Quick Wheat Buns”

Roasted Carrot Ginger Soup

Here is another option for a Thanksgiving side.  Soup is a fantastic way to feed a large crowd, especially as a starter or a side.  This can be made a day or two in advance and refrigerated or even frozen a week or more in advance.  Simply put in the slow cooker on warm.  BeContinue reading “Roasted Carrot Ginger Soup”