Baby Room Tour is what the now baby room looked like when we fist moved in to our house a year ago.  It became a dumping ground until we moved in completely, hence the odd assortment of items in the room.  This room was so blah and dark when we moved in, due to the wooden shutters that covered up the windows and a paint color that needed refreshing.

The room started off as Greta’s room and actually was about the same color as her old room in Greensboro.  I never did love the color in either room – Greensboro’s was just so close to army green and this house, though more of a sage green, was not what I really wanted in a bedroom.  I knew the color had to go eventually, but we lived with it for the better part of a year.

cribThe room is much brighter now – we went with white on 3/4 of the room and a bluish gray on the other 1/4 of the room.  I have other paint ideas that I would like to do at some point, but getting it done was the name of the game with this nursery.

We reused Greta’s old crib, got a new rocking chair, and used black out roller shades for the windows instead of the shutters.  The crib doesn’t go with my other color palette quite as much – though one could argue the green is in the complementary color scheme with the reds.  I was not about to paint an Ikea crib – just not something I was in the mood to do.

dresserThe dresser has already been shown off in a previous post.  I just love the way it turned out.  It has more than enough room for all the baby essentials and keeps all the cloth diapers easily sorted and organized!  The two large prints above the dresser are ones that I completed in an Illustrator class I took earlier this year.  I knew what colors I was leaning toward at that point and created 2 images in the general gray/black/white/red palette.

wallHis toys and books (what hasn’t been pilfered by his sister) are organized on a hand-me-down bookcase we’ve had for years that will no doubt see many more years of work.  He even got his first bike themed artwork at the Des Moines Pedal art show earlier this spring.

We kept the room sparse, just like Greta’s room.  I find it easier to navigate a sparse kids’ room in the middle of the night.  Two walls are still bare of artwork – I like to give my kids a chance to choose some of their own decor to make their room their personal space.




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