Halloween Eye Ball Wreath

This wreath is an easy, DIY project using easy to find materials.  I simply made a circle from wire and created a loop at the top in which to hang the wreath.  Then, I glued ping pong balls to each other and onto the wire wreath with a hot glue gun.  The finishing touch were googly eyes of varying sizes.  It’s such a light weight wreath that it can be hung anywhere.  If you wanted to make it more gory for your upcoming Walking Dead party (October 13th) you could add some red paint or marker to the eyeballs. 
Check back soon for more zombie theme ideas for the upcoming return of The Walking Dead.  

 Greta picked out a white pumpkin at the garden center recently.  We have a lovely bench outside our house (in bad need of some TLC) where our fall decor sits.

 The orange mums are in copper urns that were used as decor in our October wedding some years back.   Mums just scream autumn and I relish the first sight of them outside garden centers and grocery stores.

My mom brought me some ears of corn that I promptly tied together and hung on the handy nail outside our front door.  This nail will no doubt be the home of wreaths and decor throughout the seasons.  


Published by Chelsea

Art teacher by day. Mother of 2 - day and night. Thrifter, crafter, artist, baker, chef, and DIYer in free time.

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