Banana Gluten-Free Pancakes

I have a lovely Mother’s Day idea for y’all.  Or maybe just a new pancake idea to try this weekend.  Either way, they are sure to please – bananas paired with millet flour makes a sweet but filling cake.  They are sugar-free, dairy-free, and gluten-free to boot.  I enjoyed them this morning with my hazelnut coffee and blooming peonies.  

The recipe is based a pancake recipe I shared a while back, banana peach pancakes.  Pancakes are the go-to weekend breakfast food in this household.  Greta loves to eat her fill of pancakes and then an hour or so later, grab another pancake to eat on the go.

I am impatient with the first batch of pancakes, so I have learned a few tricks to make sure the entire batch is a good one.  First, make sure the pan is preheated and piping hot.  I do not use non-stick for health reasons, but rather a cast iron skillet that is well oiled.

 I use small amounts of batter – ¼ cup or less.  This way the pancakes are Greta size.  I always set a timer to ensure that I do not try to flip too soon and do not allow them to burn.  1-2 minutes per side is usually fine.

When the edges look dry, it is time to flip.  Do not overcrowd the skillet, then you have pancake batter all over the place.

Enjoy these babies – we have already eaten ours this morning.  A note on the millet flour – it will create a drier pancake, and it can almost biscuit-like if they are overcooked.  I made one round that was a little too dry, so watch the pan and use your timer.

Banana Gluten-Free Pancakes

1. In a medium bowl, mix together 1-¼ cup millet flour, 1 teaspoon baking soda, 1 teaspoon baking powder, and 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon.

2. In another small bowl, stir together 2 medium mashed bananas (about ¾ cup), 1 egg, and ¼ cup almond milk.  Combine wet and dry mixture in a few swift strokes, do not over mix.

3. Pour batter onto preheated and oiled pan.  Bake 1-2 minutes per side.  Serve with honey.  


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