Mommy’s Musings on Moving

Last weekend we went to the RV show – a great activity on a cold, wet night.  It was fun to climb inside the various RVs and imagine trying to vacation this way.  Some of them legitimately have more square footage than our house!  Greta loved running up and down the red carpeted aisles.  She enjoyed climbing up and down the steps to get in and out of the RVs.  We only had one spill that resulted in a carpet burn across her forehead.  Otherwise, pure fun.  Why is this at all relevant, you ask?  Mommy’s Medley will be relocating to Iowa.  An RV makes the thought of moving 1,000 miles with a toddler, 1 dog, and 2 cats seem more bearable.

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So, the cleaning out and de-cluttering has begun.  It started with moving furniture, dusting, vacuuming, primping, boxing, and bags and bags of donations.  Why did I have three pairs of hiking boots?

Why did I spend enough money to feed a small village on CDs?

This is only a small amount, too.

But then came the fun part!

Eric ordered these Space Bags to help us pack the large amounts of soft, space consuming items we own.  I am behind on the times, I guess, but these are amazing!  Eric was admittedly skeptical on the effectiveness of these Space Bags, but once he got the hang of it, nothing was safe from being vacuumed sealed.  
First, put the bag into a box.  Then, fill the bag to the fill line.  This bag has 1 set of sheets, 2 pillows, and 2 quilts in it. 

Then, seal the bag with the zipper clip, attach the vacuum and turn it on.

 Immediately the bag begins to shrink.

 And shrink…

Until it neatly fits inside your box!  Seal up and label your box – Eric was smart and wrote a reminder, “No knives to open.”  Read the directions before using, we ended up resealing a couple bags after realizing it isn’t smart to use these with leather jackets and you should not over vacuum down items.  
Stay tuned for more fun packing, moving, and house staging items.  Until then, I am dreaming of Iowa.
These bags are great for travel too! 

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