Small Kitchen Remodel

When we bought our house in the summer of 2007 we knew there were a lot things to be improved upon.  One of the hardest to live with (for me) areas was the kitchen.  It was a tight space with a strange layout and wasted space.  

 The door here goes outside to the garage and driveway area.  The built-in shelves hold cookbooks and extra kitchen wares.  The dresser below came with the house and held flour, sugar, and extra baking items.

The oven is shown on the far right here with the microwave built in above it and an unused hot water heater below.  The stove is across the room on the left side with cabinet below it.  The sink was a very shallow sink with gross leaky faucets.  The white counter top had years of stains and lack of cleaning  It also had to go.  There was a lot left to be desired in this kitchen.

The little dishwasher wasn’t so bad, it didn’t take up as much room as a larger one would have.  It was just a little nasty and very very loud.  

The stove top being separate from the oven is what killed me.  Look at all that wasted counter space!  

See that curling piece of linoleum flooring under the dishwasher?  In the summer of 2009, I took Eric to get Mexican food one night and after a margarita, convinced him we should cut into the floor and see if there were hardwoods underneath.  Devious, I know.

 The result?  No hardwoods, but now we were committed to at least a new kitchen floor.

It truly was hideous.  There was no way to actually clean it enough.  Tearing out was the best option.  Ok, Eric where are your shoes?!

Much better.  Note: with any older home remodel, be cautious of rusty nails, asbestos, and any other debris.  Eye protection, masks, and adequate ventilation are highly recommended.  
We uncovered the old linoleum, the black adhesive, and pine sub floors below.  

 With this started, we began to research our options for the rest of the kitchen.  We decided on bamboo flooring from Lowe’s and contacted a local neighborhood contractor to help us with the rest of the kitchen.

 The first thing to go was the unused water heater.  In its place went a nice brand new electric oven stove combination.  We opted for the smooth surface stove to continue the illusion of counter space and give us one more workspace when the stove was not in use.  We also decided to stick with the smaller appliances in order to prevent the kitchen from being too crowded with larger appliances.

 The worst part about the hot water heater?  It still had water in it! EEWWWW!  Who on earth though that capping this sucker and leaving it with water in it must have been insane.  I still shudder thinking about that.  The horrors that remodeling an house can bring…

 The kitchen was already looking larger.  We ordered a new microwave that would fit perfectly above the stove, complete with a light and fan built in.  The size of our oven and microwave are 24.”

We bought a new, deeper sink complete with new faucets.  The counter top we ordered from a local place in Greensboro.  The front edge is smooth all the way around – no sharp under counter edges for us!  The extra section of counter top became an art table for me.  

We repainted the kitchen a deeper Granny Apple Green and added a silver embossed tile from Lowe’s as an accent behind the stove.  
I added black trim above the counter for a more graphic punch.  The magnetic board is a muffin pan spray-painted red.  I use it for recipes and grocery reminders.  It adds a nice contrast of red.  

This remodel gave us a lot of more space and a much nicer looking space to work with.  I added the potted plants for a touch of real green.  The pots come from Ikea.  The dishwasher and fridge were replaced shortly after the remodel was complete.  We added the under counter lighting the summer Greta was born – it was much easier to stumble around in the wee hours with dim lighting.  


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