Happy Cat Bed

The problem:

We were tired of our constantly cold kitty sleeping on our (usually) clean wool clothing in an effort to warm up.

Here’s how I made a quick cat bed from an old felted wool sweater.
I started with a 100% wool sweater.  Washed in hot water and then dried on hot.
Next, I cut out a rectangle on the fold so that I would only have three seams to sew.
I cut along the sleeve area, and as a result had a tiny hole to patch.  I decided to work this into my design by turning it into a mouse hole. I pinned a small piece of wool from another sweater, and sewed it on.
Then I added a little mouse design for fun.  I used a piece of ribbon for the tail.
After sewing on the mouse, I flipped the entire piece right sides (design side) in.  I then lined up the seams and pinned them.  This is important to do when sewing felted sweaters, as they can stretch and change shape.  I always pin only one side at a time in case I need to make adjustments.
The pinned edges.  Next, I sewed the seams, using about 3/8″ seams.  My new machine handles the wool pretty well, but takes a little feeding to get started.  After sewing the two seams along the cut edges, I flipped it inside out and checked to make sure I had no blow-outs.  The seams looked good.  At this point, I placed a large square of felted wool inside as cushioning.
Next, I pinned and sewed the last seam.  Since this last seam incorporated the hem of the sweater, I did not fold the edges under.  I did however, have to stretch the wool slightly as I sewed to accommodate the puckering made by the ribbing on the hem.
Here is the (little crooked) finished cat bed.  All in all this took me 10 minutes total.  Hence the crooked seams.  This was a hurry-baby-is-napping project.
The happy cat slept on her new bed all afternoon.


Published by Chelsea

Art teacher by day. Mother of 2 - day and night. Thrifter, crafter, artist, baker, chef, and DIYer in free time.

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