Postcard Project Day 1


I have a looming art deadline – a show with my dad in August (more on that later). However, before I can make any art, I need to clear a physical and mental space for it.  Just coming out of two years of work on my master’s degree has left me with scarcely any free time for artmaking.  My space and mind are both cluttered with too many unfinished projects, false starts, and painfully atrocious (to me) ideas.


So, today, I tried to clear some of the physical clutter.  That was going well until I found a 3-inch thick stack of purchased and not yet sent postcards from all around the world.


I sat down and wrote five of them to friends and family.  As I was doing this, I realized I might be on to something as a means to make something, work on some false starts, and hold myself accountable.


Day 1 Postcard Project. Collage on paper, watercolor, pen and ink, washi tape.  2018.

My goal is to make these small artworks and send them off to friends and family, near and far, this summer.  They can be my warm-ups, thoughts of the day, use-it-up-scraps artwork and a way to keep myself moving onward, always.  I won’t tell you how I choose who to send one to next, or even who they are for.  However, if you want in on this, you might want to make sure I have your current address!


Published by Chelsea

Art teacher by day. Mother of 2 - day and night. Thrifter, crafter, artist, baker, chef, and DIYer in free time.

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