Iowa Skies + Batman Piñata

Iowa Skies
Iowa Skies, watercolor, 9×12″, 2016.  

My most recent finished watercolor, started just before our trip to Alexandria, MN – based on an Instagram photo I took a few years ago of baby blankets drying on the clothesline.

This summer has been flying by – we have all been making time for creating which leaves  me happier than anything else at the end of the day.


As I write this, my youngest is throwing chalk and making the best 2-year-old smears of color that he can make.


Last week, Greta had her school friends over for a belated birthday celebration, so we whipped up a quick Batman piñata.  The two kids worked on their own cardboard and tape creations, while adding layers of paste and newspaper when they felt like helping me.


Batman’s head was formed from a large balloon.  The ears and nose were fashioned from cut up cereal boxes, which were then layered in papier-mâché strips.  My favorite paste for papier-mâché projects is art paste, it comes in a powder and when mixed with water, makes a gel-like paste that isn’t too sticky and lasts well, when covered.


Batman, dried and waiting to be painted.


The finished painted Batman.  This was a quick, get it finished paint job, as I was finishing the paint 1 hour before the party.  Nothing like a deadline to get an artist moving!


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